Above sea level

Our garden is approximately (depending on tides, etc.) 30 meters above sea level but since succulent plants are original underwater plants that evolved in time to a complete opposite environment we wanted to link our garden with the sea. When divers and fishermen visit our garden they always make associations with underwater plants. Hence the idea to make a connection between the two.

We choose, also for aestethical reasons, small acre with peyote (Lophophora williamsii). During our numerous beach walks in this area we collected sand, shells, little stones, etc. The shells on the picture are from the beaches in Hermanus (Grotto), Pearly Beach and Franskraal (every individual beach has its own shell characteristics), sand and stones are a mixture of all kinds of beaches and the pumice is a story of its own. That you can find on a beach nearby Cape Aghulas where there is still a continuous inflow of this lava-stone originating from a vulcano outburst in Indonesia about 100 years ago.

It’s just the idea that is fascinating; that’s all.


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