First YouTube about Stanford

With a bit of puzzling we succeeded to compile some pictures of the past 12 months in a YouTube presentation about Stanford.

You can also watch it in the left collumn of this blog with some other YouTubes we made. This YouTube is just a first impression; that’s why the addition Part 1.

Some of the pictures we also used in this blog but anyhow here are some thumbnails:


(Solar) Power to the People

At last; after one year in Stanford we found a reliable supplier/installer (SolarMax in Kleinmond) for a solar heating system. A week ago they installed the panel etc. and despite the merely cloudy/rainy weather we only needed 8.5 hrs of electricity from the grid for heating the water during the first 7 days. If the sun shines between 10 AM and 2 PM we don’t need any electricity to heat the water. And this in the South African Winter.  We expect a return on investment within 4 years at the most but more probably within 2-3 yrs. As soon as Eskom (South African power supplier) opens the grid for ‘two-way power traffic’ we’ll invest in photovoltaic panels.

GRAZE revitalised

When Catch and Gero decided to stop their sidebusiness because their clothing business (core activity) went booming it was a great loss for Stanford, South Africa, and its visitors. And for us as well for GRAZE was THE Place to have our Saturday morning coffee. Patience is rewarded; after several months of non-GRAZE we were delighted to hear that our friends Tabby and Alex opened the business again this weekend. They stick to the old opening times; Friday evening (dinners) and Saturday for breakfast and lunch. Tabby(original a Chef in the UK and Cape Town) and Alex also cater for functions and other special occasions. The cappuccino this morning was delicious!