The healing hands of Stanford

Stiff neck? muscle pain? or whatever ‘body-movement problem’ there is holistic masseuse Beatrice Pook in our village. And she provided us with the best massage ever. Honestly! For Beatrice it’s not only a ‘muscle distraction’ in a leg or whatever may bother her individual customers. Her approach goes beyond symptoms and that is where the holistic part of her work comes in. The human body is one working organism, or eco-system if you like. All parts work together and if one part is dysfunctional it may effect others. It can also be that a discomfort in your back is caused by wrong ergonomics in the widest and sometimes also most narrow meaning of the word. So Beatrice lets you talk and feels and after that her hands start with the healing process and that feels good….. And she will inform you how to avoid or lessen muscle distractions. But also for pure relaxation her hands are a joy to feel; rejuvenating body, mind and soul…..

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