The Angel of Stanford


“Shebeen owner” Penny van den Berg loves her ‘girls’ and she can keep herself busy for hours with dressing and decorating them. Stanfordians and visitors alike can see Penny’s girls in the windows bordering the main Victoria Street than runs right through the village although the villagers themselves prefer to move in slow rural pace. This week Penny dressed the girls as Angels and she really takes the time for it; arguing with herself and and visitors which wig with which dress of which girl. What many people, Stanfordians included, are not aware of is that now and than there is also a candle burning. This happens when a known villager passes away. The candle will, accompanied with a picture of the deceased, burn until the funeral; a gesture very much appreciated by family members.

In this photo blog site  an abundance of pictures of the Angels. Herewith a few.


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