Ode to the Stanford fire fighters

Fire fighters (many volunteers) have been making overtime during the last few months. Yesterday there was the third fire in such a short period that the local fire-brigade added with a helicopter had to give an ‘Act de Presence’. Luckily the wind was favorable for it blew the blaze in the direction of the ocean. Despite this condition a few farms had damage and thanks to the fire-fighters and farm workers the damage was limited.


Ready Steady and Go

Sport Day for School kids in Stanford.


Beauty in Stanford

It’s not easy to find people in a small village like Stanford who want to pose for a photo shoot. Especially the women are seemingly shy or ashamed of their looks… Whatever.

Bur Karunda, who hates to be photographed, said without any hesitation “Yes”. She’s a natural talent and we’re pretty sure that if she wants to she’ll become a top model. Karunda is talented, intelligent and has a mind of her own. She’s also eager to learn.

Here a few images of Karunda during her first photo shoot.

_DSC2684web _DSC2697web _DSC2715web _DSC2722web

Warm Weekend Greetings from Stanford


Early Morning View

From our verandah (“Stoop” in South Africa) we enjoy an amazing view on the Klein Rivier Mountains. At 6 AM this morning it was a joy to have a cup of coffee. Life in Stanford is great!


We had to say something…….

We just had to say something about an article in The Huffington Post; an American internet publication. We browse it every now and than and wish South African publishers would be able to put something with the relatively high quality on the net. That set aside; the author of the article was for 24 hours in Cape Town and she has been rushing about talking with one after the other PR-person. But she did a fine job given the short period she was there. And of course there were some comments; one of these a very nice one if we may say so ourselves.

Well … read for yourself:

“For the 24 hrs you experience Cape Town and surrounds it’s a remarkable well written article. You emphasize however all the positive sides of the Mother City and have visited the obvious tourist destinations. Hope you will have more time available during your next visit to South Africa. The real South Africa journey begins >100 km beyond Cape Town. It’s there where you find true personal hospitality and discover where Capetonians got their ideas from (Cape Town is known as one of the top 3 copycat cities in the world). And also from a budget point of view the ‘Hinterland’ is really cheap to stay and to travel in; surely in comparison with Cape Town. Having said that I must admit that once or twice per year we like to go to Cape Town just to experience a bit of city-hassle and than to come to realize that we are very privileged to live in a small village somewhere in nowhere between Hermanus and Gansbaai that was recently awarded with ‘Best Village Destination in South Africa”.


Stanford, 14 January 2013

Herman & Yvonne”



This is going to be Big Time here in Stanford

Springfontein Winery is currently undergoing mayor changes culminating in the opening of the new restaurant (with European stars) Springfontein Eats towards the end of this year.

But first of all there is the new winemaker/general manager. We are pretty sure that Tariro will add a new dimension to the Springfontein wines. He is refreshing, has vision, doesn’t talk crab; with other words: he knows wine!

And above all: he is a truly nice guy!!!

The Stanford Lagoon

The Stanford Lagoon.

via The Stanford Lagoon.

Sunny Weekend Greetings from Stanford, South Africa