Stanford has been awarded some time ago with the status ‘Best Village Destination’. And yes; this village deserves it despite lack of vision of the local ‘Overstrand Municipality’ and the local municipal manager. The organization Cape Info that awarded the Best Village status did some research on the spot and talked with representives of the Overstrand Municipality including the mayor. This article published on their website should be read by all Stanfordians.

We’re not in politics and we don’t intend to go into it but there is something that touches our hearts on basic ground level. The village centre is known for its Victorian architecture but what do we also notice?

Just look around and see here and there buildings that have been erected in the past 10-15 years that don’t adhere to the Victorian architectural style at all. We just have to look from our verandah to see the horizon polluted by one of those. And all these are approved by the municipality including the local heritage committee. But this local heritage committee is making a fuss about minor items such as a window or a detail of a gable….. These building are too awful to photograph so we leave them out.

Well that is our rant of the day.

But all with all: we love this village.


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