Wine tasting

Most tourists to South Africa who focus on wine tasting limit themselves to the known wine producing areas in and around Cape Town and the Breede River Valley including Robertson. And virtually all visit the known cellars of which the wines are also available in the supermarkets abroad. We always prefer the off the beaten track cellars for it’s there where visitors experience one after the other surprise and most of the time it’s the farmer himself who creates the wines and speaks with the visitors. We are lucky to live in this wonderful village with excellent wines (including 5 star ones!!!) and most of the wines are made by the farmer/owner. The local tourism bureau (Stanfordinfo) has all the contact details of these wine makers (most of them remotely located and that guaranteers some magnificent sight viewing). Wine farms are Bosch Rivier, Raka, Brunia, Vaalvlei, Misty Mountains, Springfontein, Stanford Hills and Sir Robert Stanford Estate. Hope we didn’t forget one… Don’t drink and drive! (Thanks)_DSC5023

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