One of those Sunsets

Just one of those sunsets along the Stanford Lagoon. This is a visual impression only. The real thing should be experienced on the spot!



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Weekend Greetings from THE ‘Bokkies’

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In the beginning of this year there were some devastating fires (leaving about 20,000 hectare nature in a desolate black state) around our village. The fires inspired a few kids to start another fire opposite our house but within a few hours the local fire brigade was in control and the ‘culprits’ (between 8 and 14 yrs of age) caught.

After 5 months it’s nicely recovering though.

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Wine tasting

Most tourists to South Africa who focus on wine tasting limit themselves to the known wine producing areas in and around Cape Town and the Breede River Valley including Robertson. And virtually all visit the known cellars of which the wines are also available in the supermarkets abroad. We always prefer the off the beaten track cellars for it’s there where visitors experience one after the other surprise and most of the time it’s the farmer himself who creates the wines and speaks with the visitors. We are lucky to live in this wonderful village with excellent wines (including 5 star ones!!!) and most of the wines are made by the farmer/owner. The local tourism bureau (Stanfordinfo) has all the contact details of these wine makers (most of them remotely located and that guaranteers some magnificent sight viewing). Wine farms are Bosch Rivier, Raka, Brunia, Vaalvlei, Misty Mountains, Springfontein, Stanford Hills and Sir Robert Stanford Estate. Hope we didn’t forget one… Don’t drink and drive! (Thanks)_DSC5023

Greetings from all who love their school!

Students of Funimfundo in informal settlement Die Kop near Stanford certainly love their school!

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The Green Innovator’s Dream House, his Workshop, his latest project and his dog

One does not expect much diversity in a small village like Stanford but even after over one-and-a-half year we are surprised with a new discovery every now and than. Just outside the village is The Blue Moon; a small community of people who think and do things different. One of these is Anton Boshoff and except for the ‘green’ dressing he is GREEN! In the past years Anton has been experimenting with all things ‘GREEN’; from food, cob building (and other eco-building methods), solar heating, etc. etc. Saving energy is high on his priority list nowadays and many of his innovations are already, on s small scale, applied in local communities (so called ‘townships’) in South Africa. His latest innovation is that of a warm water heater that only needs 3 kilogram of eucalyptus wood to heat 150 liter (boiler size) water. The heater is simply to make for a skilled metal worker and it will save the user a lot of expensive electricity. Anton will test the first prototype in his own house which is already ‘stuffed’ with other innovations (all made of recycled material) such as a bread steamer, pizza oven, hot air heater and so on.

Scattered around on his premises are hundreds of discarded items waiting to be re-used in another object. Nothing is wasted; sooner or later it will all have a new function. Anton shows us ceramic pots that are used for fermenting cabbage (‘sauerkraut’). Not every ceramic is suitable for this procedure he discovered with trial and error but the posts he has (see picture somewhere below) are but he is looking for more suitable ceramic for their seems to be a growing market for his ‘Sauerkraut’. Anyone from Germany who knows a manufactory of original “Kölner Pots”???

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