Soccer in the village

Originating from the European continent we are more into soccer (football) than into rugby or cricket. Soccer in South Africa is regarded as a ‘Black’ sport so this Sunday we went to see a soccer match in  ‘Die Schema’ as the area is named where all non-white people of Stanford were evicted during the years of apartheid. Soccer in a village is a social happening according to African time meaning for example that the match did not start at 1 PM but one-and-a-half hour later. Before the match started first some photo sessions with the teams, the public followed by the National Anthem of South Africa by a local choir and in all official languages (lost count of these). These soccer players and the public take this very serious with their hand on their hearts and with pride. Don’t ask us which teams were playing but there is sure some  BafanaBafana talent present. Herewith an impression of the match and everything around it in pictures. Oh … and the ‘best soccer players’ were sitting on the wall…

_DSC6928 _DSC6937_DSC6936_DSC6953 _DSC6956 _DSC6971_DSC6943 _DSC6944_DSC6916

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