Weekend Greetings from the dust

(Sometimes one cannot avoid gravel roads in the village. Please be aware, when driving, that you leave a trail of dust behind you. Imagine that you are the pedestrian along the road….. 20 Kmh should be the maximum speed on gravel roads within urban areas especially on roads where the Overstrand Municipality has commissioned the cheapest possible gravel without considering the environmental impact and health issues)

(P.S. There is gravel available that hardly generate any dust…. 😉 )



6 responses to “Weekend Greetings from the dust”

  1. This is EXACTLY the case in the dusty old (former) Spanish horse village in which I live. 🙂


    1. Shortsighted local -wannabee- politicians (virtually all took care for paving/tarring their own roads) …. 😀 😀 😀


    1. Had to take some dust away to make the pedestrian better visible….. 😉


  2. Everywhere money makes the decisions


    1. 😉 (penny wise and pound foolish ….


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