Weekend Greetings from the Snails


Two photographers on the prowl… taking up the challenge!

Portrait of a Village

Oh my, what have I gotten myself into this time?! On my way home from the post office today, I stopped for a chat with Herman van Bon, “originally Dutch and since 2000 living in South Africa and happily married to Yvonne de Wit”, who was out walking his dog. Herman and I have a couple of things in common: we’re both definitely not youngsters any more, we don’t colour our hair, we love photography and Stanford, dogs, cats, plants and nature… We talked about my new blog, Portrait of a Village,  and Herman who in his own words “like challenges especially the ones people advise me not even to think of it”, challenged me with, “When are we going out together on a photo shoot?” Before I could say evasively, as I did in the past, “Sometime”, Herman said, “No, lets fix a time.” I was trapped and couldn’t chicken out this time. So the…

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Weekend Greetings from The Village Hawk

(Harrier Hawk, daily circling above the village and resting in the neighbour’s tree)


Golden Hour Weekend Greetings


Weekend Greetings from the Countryside

(Yes this picture was screened on Times Square NYC 24 July)TimesSquare2

Flamingo Weekend Greetings