To all the dogs in Stanford…

Portrait of a Village

Please join me in celebrating my birthday and first year in Stanford at 3 pm on Sunday, 31 August. We shall meet on the field by the river at the corner of Sannie Badenhorst and Sillery Streets, where we shall enjoy an early spring walk. Humphrey, Beauty and Boefje will be there to receive you with plenty of sniffs, chases and frizbees. I shall provide doggie treats and free ‘doggie-do’ bags. Of course your owners are also invited. They will no doubt want to bring a small picnic like tea/wine and biscuits (it is my birthday after all!) and perhaps something to sit upon. There will be a prize of a free trip overseas plus all expenses paid to the first dog who guesses my age correctly (not easy!). Hope to see you all there! – Emma Kriel

Knowing Emma, who by the way, has published two books to date, and also the many dogs there…

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