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The little ‘Little Book Museum’ in the Bookshop

Bet that hardly anybody in the Hermanus region (Stanford included) knows about this tiny little museum …

Elephant Zen

For years now Beth has been collecting miniature books. She lost count and so what? What matters is that a nice collection of these miniature books have found their way in an old showcase decorated with miniature brick-à-brac. And Noel may keep an eye on it. Customers and visitors alike are welcome to have a look; at Hemingways of Hermanus.

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True whale watching is what you do with this book ….

Awesome pictures in this book

Elephant Zen

Soon the launch of the second Whale photo book of photographer Dave de Beer from Hermanus. We’ve had a preview of course (Beth wrote the introduction) and we can assure you that this book contains the most awesome pictures ever made of these sea giants. It took Dave 5 Whale seasons of enormous patience and perseverance (sometimes sitting on a cliff for days before an opportunity to shoot the desired image). The result is startling with views of whales that come alive on virtually every page. Printed on glossy paper. True Whale watching is what you do with this book in your hands.

(portrait photos of Dave de Beer by Herman van Bon Photography)

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The Butterfly Foundation: Can you help?


Well, it’s nearly time for the Stanford Stumble, and here’s an update on progress regarding the Butterfly Foundation. Thanks so much to everyone already supporting the cause, and offering auction items as well. You are all amazing.




The Butterfly Foundation was established in 2011, in honour of Samuel James Kastner. At first, the direction was unclear. Our first project was to assist a young boy, Endinako Siza, who had lost all vision in his right eye and was rapidly losing vision in his left due to suspected infection. Funds were raised to investigate surgery to save his eyesight.  He was taken to see Dr Kinley at the Red Cross Children’s hospital, as well as an eye specialist called Dr Galloway.

The sad news is that the doctors were unable to save the sight in Endi’s right eye. The good news is that all infection…

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At the Saturday Church Bazaar

Weekend Greetings from the ‘Guest Relations Department’

'Guest Relations' in the non-original South African part of the village. (hey how did I describe that!)

Never despise the day you meet a chicken

The Rooster that became famous and his ‘Mom’

Portrait of a Village

Yes, you have read correctly. Never despise the day you meet a chicken. And more so when the chicken you meet is an avid tourist. This one actually lived in Carnarvon in the Karoo, but I photographed him waiting for his human mom in his favourite vehicle outside Overberg Agri at Stanford on his way to his human parents’ holiday home at Uilenkraalsmond. Pikkeling (loosely translated as “Pecking thing”) was hatched by a pigeon and brought into the house by Stephen Hoffman. Initially, in winter, Stephen had to get up at three to replace the fledgling’s hotwater bottle.

“He brought him into the house, so he had to get up,” said Stephen’s wife Lizette, who clearly adored the feathery cockerel. Pikkeling had even visited Cape Town, and had no problem travelling 220 kilometres in his little box at the feet of his “parents”. At night he slept on the couple’s bedside table, after a snack of crisps.

Then, wait for it, this little rooster from…

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