The Butterfly Foundation: Can you help?


Well, it’s nearly time for the Stanford Stumble, and here’s an update on progress regarding the Butterfly Foundation. Thanks so much to everyone already supporting the cause, and offering auction items as well. You are all amazing.




The Butterfly Foundation was established in 2011, in honour of Samuel James Kastner. At first, the direction was unclear. Our first project was to assist a young boy, Endinako Siza, who had lost all vision in his right eye and was rapidly losing vision in his left due to suspected infection. Funds were raised to investigate surgery to save his eyesight.  He was taken to see Dr Kinley at the Red Cross Children’s hospital, as well as an eye specialist called Dr Galloway.

The sad news is that the doctors were unable to save the sight in Endi’s right eye. The good news is that all infection…

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