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A book review: The Boer War

Herman van Bon Photography

It’s very unusual that I write a book review although I read many books. Writing a book review in a photography blog goes beyond usual but since I like the unusual … 😉

I’m living now for fourtheenandahalf year plus almost two months in South Africa and have read many books about its history but this one about THE BOER WAR beats them all….

BoerWarDe Boeren Oorlog (The Boer War) Author: Martin Bossenbroek. Publisher: Athenaeum, Amsterdam. ISBN: 9789025369934/NUR686

I’ve read many books about the history of South Africa, virtually all written by English and Afrikaans speaking South Africans and that includes literature about the Boer War (1899-1902). But never a book written from such a wide perspective (and from a variety of angles) as this 610 pages (including >40 with footnotes and index) masterpiece. It’s written in Dutch and hopefully English translations will be on the market soon for it…

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Snail Weekend Greetings: going nowhere slowly

Drive and walk carefully. (Thanks)


Stanford Harvest

Herman van Bon Photography

In our town there are many eateries, coffee shops and restaurants (even the only one in South Africa with a Michelin Star!!!) that we sometimes doubt if they can all survive. Lucky for these establishments there is a steady growing influx of visitors. And yes; another one recently opened its doors: Stanford Harvest; an eatery combined with a gallery of a resident artist. We wish this newcomer all the best.

For a true Stanford Harvest we just look from our verandah to the neighbour’s landmark tree every morning. See for yourself.

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Early morning Weekend Greetings from the Spaza shop

Inside the spaza shop

Weekend Greetings from the roof


In the Top 3 (???)

And suddenly also locals believed in it ……

The pictured wall is that of Springfontein Eats in our village; the only restaurant in South Africa with a Michelin Star….

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In the Top 3 (???).

via In the Top 3 (???).