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Great great granddaughter of Sir Robert Stanford visits Stanford

Portrait of a Village

On 11 March 2015 I was very fortunate to meet a great great granddaughter of both Sir Robert Stanford and the very well-known Rev Andrew Murray. Colleen Ballenden, who spent the night at The Kleine River’s Valey house, once the farmhouse of her great great grandfather, is the daughter of the late Eric Stanford, son of Harley Daly Maurice Stanford, grandson of Sir Robert Stanford. Colleen still lives on their family farm, Stanford’s Lake, between Haenertsburg and Magoebaskoof in Limpopo Province.

Harley was born in France on the 2nd of July 1871. He came to the Cape as a child with his parents, John Frederick and Fanny Elizabeth Stanford, but was educated at Dulwich College near London. He was a tax collector in the Pilansberg area and then Haenertsburg from 1911-1924. His nickname, Intabalen, meant “the one to be looked up to” because he was usually on horseback…

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The sun sets

On THE Farm

Custom made Ear-drops

Made in Stanford

Custom made Ear-drops.

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In Stanford

A devastating fire

The last few weeks Cape Town was on fire and to be honest it was an overkill of news from the fire front with lots of repeats, nonsense and so on. It became global news but yes it was in Cape Town and it was only 5500 hectare. A few years ago there was also a fire; here near Stanford: 25,000 hectare. It got a five-liner in a Capetonian newspaper but than for Capetonians this area is somewhere ‘abroad’. The fire in the Klein Rivier Mountains was far more ‘devastating’ for people and animals alike. Except for the baboons (here only 14 troops) far more diversity in animal- and plant-life than in the Cape Peninsula.

Well here follows what we blogged at the time:

For the third time within one year we experienced a mountain fire. This is a fynbos area and there seems to be a fynbos specie which roots start to burn spontaneously .  Fynbos needs a fire every 10 years or so otherwise seeds won’t germinate. It’s a pure natural process but for human beings in a contemporary world very inconvenient. No electricity for 24 hours and no internet for 36 hrs; the latter due to the fact that Telkom forgot to turn a switch into adsl-mode… It’s Sunday you know and it’s Festive Season here in South Africa…. But the guys of the fire-brigade (virtually all volunteers) did a tremendous job and we all admire them greatly!!!

The picture shows the fire on Friday night and was taken about 10 kilometers from the nearest point of the fire with a 300mm lens. In total 25-thousand hectares went in smoke including 8 holiday homes and 3 boats. No people injured. Fires like this spread rapidly especially during drought periods and a bit of wind. The fire started Thursday at the other side of the mountain and Friday afternoon local politicians said to a journalist of a local newspaper that the fire was under control and just after that hell broke loose…… There are still journalists, so it seems, who believe in politicians….



Emily and the Art of Dishwashing

Gotta like Emily. Quite a performance!!!

YUM eat cafe

Y-emily“Before I do the dishes, take a moment to observe them. Notice how dirty they are. Have a look at how stained, soiled, sullied, and unclean they are. I take a moment to reflect on how good our guests experienced their meal and drinks. Than I clean and rinse them. I take my time but work fast and without unnecessarily movements. I just make to remove every little spot of gravy, every little dollop of ketchup, every grain of cooked sticking rice. I notice how the sponge removes the dirt thoroughly. It doesn’t come back. And than I towel them dry. However, I keep them in plain view before clearing them away. Again, I take time. I make sure they’re  properly dried and than I take a brief moment to admire my handiwork. At this stage, I feel a sense of satisfaction. There is no ambiguity in cleaning the dishes – they’re either clean, or they aren’t. I took dirty dishes…

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Weekend Greetings of a Christmas survivor

Christmas survivor

Bantamsklip may just save us

Bantamsklip may just save us.

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Of interest for the whole region including Stanford. The original idea comes from the previous (‘Apartheids’) regime.

“Where utility ends ….

The resident artist I presume (LOL).