Emily and the Art of Dishwashing

Gotta like Emily. Quite a performance!!!

YUM eat cafe

Y-emily“Before I do the dishes, take a moment to observe them. Notice how dirty they are. Have a look at how stained, soiled, sullied, and unclean they are. I take a moment to reflect on how good our guests experienced their meal and drinks. Than I clean and rinse them. I take my time but work fast and without unnecessarily movements. I just make to remove every little spot of gravy, every little dollop of ketchup, every grain of cooked sticking rice. I notice how the sponge removes the dirt thoroughly. It doesn’t come back. And than I towel them dry. However, I keep them in plain view before clearing them away. Again, I take time. I make sure they’re  properly dried and than I take a brief moment to admire my handiwork. At this stage, I feel a sense of satisfaction. There is no ambiguity in cleaning the dishes – they’re either clean, or they aren’t. I took dirty dishes…

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