Supporting local artists

Do you?

YUM eat cafe

Stanford, South Africa is known as a very ‘arty’ village. There are numerous artists such as photographers, jewellery designers, painters, sculptors, illustrators and so on. And yes; YUM Eat Cafe supports them. And so do our customers. And you?

(BTW This Tuesdays contribution about coffee is postponed to next week Tuesday. Jake is soooo busy making coffee that he didn’t have time to write about it. 😉 )

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Just looking around

Hermanus under Siege

Herman van Bon Photography

(Hermanus is a small sea-side town near Stanford in the Western Cape, South Africa)

Herman van Bon Photography

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Weekend Greetings from the Tweeters. Quakers too…

At the distillery

Herman van Bon Photography

In our village an old distillery is revitalised.


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Cup of tea anyone?

Since recently YUM Eat Cafe sells and serves pure natural teas without artificial flavours and preservatives. Welcome to Stanford.Ytea3

The CEO of Stanford Harvest and Elandsvalley Farm

Ah … now we know

Wonder if anyone can up with a name for this sheep ….. ???

Weekend Greetings on behalf of all the pansies in the village


The finishing touch …

Real honest natural food. Comes in farmer portions!