Coffee 6 (‘Moer’ Coffee)

Part 6 of an interesting series about coffees written by Jake Uys of YUM Eat Cafe in the village.

YUM eat cafe

Y-coffee-recipesJake Uys, co-owner of  YUM Eat Cafe, loves his coffees. He creates the tasteful coffee creations; preferable slow-brewed and sometimes with a time-consuming manual finishing touch. The beans are on his specification roasted at the Beanery in Hermanus and per coffee-order ground on the spot. Every speciality coffee needs its own ground, exact weight, water temperature, etc. Weekly, every Tuesday, Jake writes his coffee post for this blog. Starting with the history and ending with the perfect ‘Latte’. The first four postings were excerpts from Wikipedia about history, cultivation, processing and brewing.

Y-moer-koffie1‘Moerkoffie’, as we know it today in South Africa, has its origins in the late 1700 and early 1800 in Europe. The “trekboere” and settlers were the first people in South Africa to make use of the “coffee biggin method “, a predecessor of the filter system. In this device ground coffee was placed in a flannel or muslin bag…

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YUM eat cafe

Y-coffee-test-after-1-sip Lemon touched Espresso

Every Tuesday Jake writes about Coffee. The first 4 submissions were about history, cultivation, processing and brewing. Next Tuesday he starts with describing the different Coffees including how to make them. The next submission is about Espresso but there will be many surprises including coffees you have never heard of like the Afrikaner ‘Moer Coffee’ plus own recipes. Yes and Jake lets regular customers taste his creations. One of these is John who has a wonderful shop opposite YUM Eat Cafe. John loves his Coffee.

In this photo-gallery John is tasting the ‘lemon touched Espresso’.

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