Exhibiting at the Stanford Harvest 1: Tracy Algar

Some great artists in this village. Beautiful collection of professional artists from Stanford exhibited in prime venue

Stanford Harvest

Tuesday June 16 the exhibition ‘Stanford Local Art Harvest’ opened in the gallery of  Stanford Harvest. Stanford is home to a variety of artists. In the course of this exhibition we will introduce them all in this blog. Today: Tracy Algar.

The exhibition lasts to 19 July.

Tracy AlgarTracy Algar is a self-taught mixed media artist who has been living in Stanford for just over a year.  

She started painting and selling her work online in 2013, and thanks to the internet and her knack for social media her work now adorns walls around the world.

SKMBT_C45113090218301-001Tracy describes her paintings as visual explorations of the connections and disconnections between human and wild in her inner and outer worlds.  She is fascinated with symbolism and uses symbols to convey meaning in her art.

Tracy paints in layers, slowly bringing order and sense to the tale unfolding on her canvas. Her painting process…

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