Great to see that my two hospitality clients in the village are getting the best reviews of a notorious famous travel journalist (writing and blogging under the alias ‘Reismier’ which means ‘Travel Ant’).

Congratulations to YUM Eat Cafe and Stanford Harvest. We are all proud #SAStanfordian. For both clients I market and manage diverse social media accounts in which a WordPress blog, FB-page and Twitter play a central role.

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Village 7 (in this building all sins are forgiven on a Sunday)

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

Herman van Bon Photography


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The Hashtag

We just introduced the hashtag #SAStanfordian plus added a new twitter account @SAStanfordian. The hashtag will be used by all our local social media clients but hopefully more people from the village who are proud to be a #SAStanfordian.

One can tell people to #visitstanford but than it would be an asset that those people know that there are a bunch of proud villagers.

So far today about 5 people (plus clients) have let us know via their FB- or Twitter page that they are ‘proud #SAStanfordian’. Well it’s a start.

Village 6 (we are watching you)

Village 5 (along the water 2x)

All systems Go

Village 4 (I usually do)