Great to see that my two hospitality clients in the village are getting the best reviews of a notorious famous travel journalist (writing and blogging under the alias ‘Reismier’ which means ‘Travel Ant’).

Congratulations to YUM Eat Cafe and Stanford Harvest. We are all proud #SAStanfordian. For both clients I market and manage diverse social media accounts in which a WordPress blog, FB-page and Twitter play a central role.

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Village 7 (in this building all sins are forgiven on a Sunday)

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

Herman van Bon Photography


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The Hashtag

We just introduced the hashtag #SAStanfordian plus added a new twitter account @SAStanfordian. The hashtag will be used by all our local social media clients but hopefully more people from the village who are proud to be a #SAStanfordian.

One can tell people to #visitstanford but than it would be an asset that those people know that there are a bunch of proud villagers.

So far today about 5 people (plus clients) have let us know via their FB- or Twitter page that they are ‘proud #SAStanfordian’. Well it’s a start.

Village 6 (we are watching you)

Village 5 (along the water 2x)

All systems Go

Village 4 (I usually do)

Peggy, grand mother goose

Landmeterskop Farm Cottages

Theunis of Landmeterskop one day found what he thought were three orphaned Egyptian goslings in the veld. He brought them home and placed them with our new batch of runner ducklings. Two of them died within a couple of days, and only one survived and thrived, and also soon showed her true colours. She was indeed a Spur-winged Goose, scientifically known as Plectropterus gambensis!

For almost a year she lived with the other geese and ducks, until about ten days ago when she was reported missing… We have looked everywhere but cannot find her. We can only hope that she is well and on a grown-up adventure and that she will eventually return, as this species is partially migratory, making seasonal movements of several hundred kilometres. They normally breed during or near the end of the wet season in solitary pairs.

This brought to mind the story we once read about Peggy, the famous Spur-winged Goose of Somerset West, as told and photographed…

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Bookings are essential …

The demanding customers

YUM eat cafe

Y-kevin-julesKevin and Jules from Cape Town are in the hospitality business, owning 6 hotels and doing the marketing for another 24 in the Eastern and Western Cape in South Africa. And they like to challenge themselves plus like to challenge others. So Jules ordered a “Prawn Salad but then without the prawns” (recipe on this blog Friday 7 August). “No problem”, Sharon the waitress said. “Okay”, La Chef Esther said and started to create a delicious salad and using a variety of fruits instead of the prawns. And Jules was happy as was Kevin with his YUM Banting Burger.

“Every now and then”, Kevin explains, “we need to get out for a week or so. We always choose a place within 2 hours drive of Cape Town and it has to be pet friendly. This time we are in Stanford for a whole week and overnight in the Bad Lemon Cottage…

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