On Etsy and Twitter campaign

Yvonne goes global …

Yvonne de Wit - Jewellery Design & Art

If you love @LindseyStirling http://ow.ly/P7Nlu you love #jewellery of @ydwit http://ow.ly/P7Nv5

This tweet is the start of a branding campaign targeting the potential market for my jewellery. It’s also part of the launch of my Etsy Shop. My jewellery is original and new. Customers need to identify themselves with my designs. I love Lindsey Stirling and my designs match quite well with her and her fans. But there are more celebrities and you will find their names in my tweets that are scheduled for the coming months. My (new) twitter address is @ydwit and the tweets will also spread around via @greencathedral. You may follow them both and of course you may retweet ( 😉 )

The Lindsey Stirling tweets 6x daily until the beginning of August plus numerous shares with other (re-)tweeters. Let’s spread the message. (Thanks)


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