Recipe: Prawn Salad without the Prawns

That can only be in Stanford …

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Recently ‘La Chef’ Esther and ‘Le petit chef’ Donovan were challenged by a few ‘heavyweights’ in the South African hospitality industry (see posting last week Tuesday 28 July).

“A Prawn Salad but then without the Prawns”, said the lady. “No problem”, said Sharon (the waitress with the fabulous YUM-smile).



Baby spinach, balsamic lime/coriander, ginger/lime/rosewater, wild rocket, popo, avocado, kiwi, strawberries, cashew nuts and Danish blue cheese.

The fruits are replacing the prawns. Mix the baby spinach with the balsamic lime/coriander). Layer the different ingredients  and use the ginger/lime/rosewater  for a sprinkle on  top.

Serve with a YUM-smile:

Serving the 'Prawn Salad without the prawns' with the YUM-smile Serving the ‘Prawn Salad without the prawns’ with the YUM-smile

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