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Herman van Bon Photography

“The most unusual gardeners of Stanford, South Africa just started to sell their garden spin off” – FB-page ‘Stanford Notice Board’

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An afternoon on Landmeterskop

Landmeterskop Farm Cottages

We do not have the Big Five, but we offer many smaller wonders for the visitor to enjoy! On a recent drive through the wheat fields, pastures and up the mountain on Landmeterskop, we saw many, many bird species, amongst them herons, Cape Sugarbirds, Egyptian Geese, Kori Bustards, Spur-winged Geese, guinea fowl and a Jackal Buzzard. In the veldt gazanias, oxalises (pink sorrels), various bulbs and other little veldt flowers were in bloom. Up the mountain were proteas and other fynbos, and fascinating sandstone rock formations. And naturally there were also all the farm animals – sheep, alpacas, goats, pigs and chickens.


There were also a herd of grey rhebok. The grey rhebok or grey rhebuck (Pelea capreolus), locally known as the Vaal rhebok or Vaalribbok in Afrikaans, is a species of antelope endemic to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Swaziland. The specific name capreolus is Latin for ‘little goat’. (The Afrikaans/Dutch spelling of the species, reebok, lends its name to the British sportswear manufacturing company Reebok).

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Recipe Almond and Orange Cake

There are quite some addicts in the village …

YUM eat cafe

Warning: it seems that this cake is addictive ….


What you need:

2 medium oranges, whole and not peeled

240 g whole almonds

210 g castor sugar

6 jumbo eggs

5 ml baking powder

5 ml vanilla essence

Orange syrup
100 g castor sugar

75ml fresh orange juice

75 ml water

What to do:

Heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Put baking paper on bottom of 24cm springform pan and spray pan with non-stick spray.  Place whole oranges in a pan in warm water to cover oranges. Close the pot and heat until boiling point.  Simmer until soft, drain and cool. Cut oranges in quarters, remove pips, and roughly chop in a food processor.

Chop almonds and castor sugar in a food processor until fine.  Beat the eggs and add baking powder and vanilla essence.  Add almond mixture and oranges.  Pour mixture into pan and…

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‘Lekker’ Long Weekend Greetings


Doing it again …

‘The Jewel of Stanford’ is doing it again

YUM eat cafe

Wednesday 2 September saw Yvonne de Wit present her new collection at YUM Eat Cafe with great success.

Many villagers said they missed the opportunity.

The good news is that Yvonne will be back at YUM: this Saturday between 10 AM and 2 PM. And Everybody is Welcome!


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Mosaic beauty


Spookhuis The beautifully restored “Spookhuis”. Built out of limestone in 1892. Lovingly restored by the Johnson family in 2008 after lying in ruin for 40 years. It is said that the ghost of Agnes Stroud haunts the house. http://www.mosaicsouthafrica.com/1892-spookhuis/history/

Milkwood The Milkwood is not endangered but it is one of South Africa’s Protected Trees, which means that it is illegal to damage, move or destroy them

Jetty Jetty – where you can take a lagoon cruise

Flamingo Flamingos and Grebe. Flamingos often stand on one leg, the other leg tucked beneath the body. The reason for this behaviour is not fully understood. Recent research indicates that standing on one leg may allow the birds to conserve more body heat, given that they spend a significant amount of time wading in cold water

Visit Mosaic for Magical 5 star pamper Visit Mosaic for Magical 5 star pamper.

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Fynbos weekend greetings


Coffee, Cake and Juice for the Stanford Garden Club ….

YUM eat cafe

Virtually every village and town in South Africa has its own garden club. Stanford is not an exception. Small village; small garden club BUT an active one. And the members like their YUM coffees, juices and cakes. Obviously all happy customers.

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Sunrise Weekend Greetings