The day before …

… the original set date the Viva Art Foundation project in Stanford was held today because of the forecasted bad weather conditions for tomorrow.

The wall in the Kannemeyer Street is not the same anymore but brings from now on some colour and a view on the mountains into this part of the community. For the handful of (local) artists is was hard work.

7 responses to “The day before …”

  1. You pictured a very inspiring event which I unfortunately missed.

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  2. Love it,fill the world with colour and blend those ugly buildings back into the mountains

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  3. […] week we published a few items about the Viva Art Fest in Stanford. Yesterday we pictures a detail of the wall from a different perspective. Also took the […]


  4. […] the third time the Viva Art Foundation organised an Art Event in Stanford.  Friday 9 October local artists and people living in the Kannemeyer Street in Stanford South brought some colour to […]

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