Sunset Market

The local Sunset Market is organised every last Friday of the month between 6 and 9 PM. It’s the place where villagers socialise, eat and drink but also a place where one can purchase crafts, fresh wholegrain breads, homemade conifiture, etc. This night, one day early, but then Stanford intends to be on the forefront of the nation and the rest of the world, there was also some Halloween. And the local troubadour Gerry Fourie kept singing his songs..

5 thoughts on “Sunset Market

      1. Yes on the flash. It just makes everything flat. When necessary I try to bounce the light off of a deflector. That helps. Sometimes I have to push my ISO higher to compensate for movement and lower light. Never the best but sensors are now better about noise. Thank you for sharing the technical information. It’s always helpful to know how other photographers are dealing with issues. Best to all of your photographic endeavors.

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