Toy Run – Village Green

Nationwide there are today Toy Runs. Also in Stanford. Hundreds of motorbikers from the region brought toys to the village green this morning. These toys are donated to children whose parents cannot afford to buy toys. The festivities around it (food, drinks, etc. will continue until late afternoon.


After the rain weekend greetings


Sacred Weekend Greetings from Stanford

(Sacred Ibis taking off)sacred ibis

Sunrise at the green side of the village

Herman van Bon Photography
Sunrise at the green side of Stanford: Willem Appel Dam along De Bruyn Street.

Weekend YUM Greetings

(at YUM Eat Cafe)


Shrines on display

Shrines in Stanford

YUM eat cafe

“The boxes I make can one best describe as little shrines. This hobby originates from different interesses. In my childhood I liked to make fairy tale like ‘show boxes’. My hobbies are painting, creating theatre, assemblings and the recycling of ‘useless’ material; together with my interest for spirituality I can use this for the creation of these little shrines”. – Marga van Klaveren – Kruijer.

Marga’s Shrines are on display in YUM Eat Cafe.

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Creating a garden

Every now and then we do an upmarket landscaping project with spin off from our garden. Clients are expected to actively participate in the work; just to get the ‘succulent feeling’. We love landscaping minimalism gardens.

Customer Satisfaction

YUM eat cafe

We dare to say that virtually all our  customers are happy customers. We even could write a book about it. The personal touch, the famous ‘YUM-smiles’ and good honest freshly made food all contributes to this. So also this Scottish/South African family, living in Knysna and Stanford; grandparents visiting the grandchildren and having their YUM-quality-time of the day; entertained by Jake (in YUM-apron).


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Thank you

Peekaboo Weekend Greetings from a colourful Stanford