Weekend Greetings from the Cheese Tasters in Greyton


Portraits of youngsters growing up with horses

Still many awesome ornamental succulent plants for SALE

Herman van Bon Photography

Despite excellent sales during the past two Sundays we still have a few hundred plants for sale; partly in pots and partly directly from the garden. Amongst these plants are still some collector’s items. Prices are realistic (mentioned in captions and in South African Rand); we don’t deal in bargains. What we don’t sell goes with us to the new address (where-ever that may be 😉 ). This coming Sunday 31 January another sale. Buyers/collectors have to book in advance (greenc -at- omail.co.za) for we work with a time slot of 2 – 2.5 hrs pp.

Besides what’s shown in the pictures there are still many smaller and larger (>2 m high) cacti, agaves and other (mainly African) succulent plants.

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A bit of Greyton as seen from a carriage

Drizzling Weekend Greetings

At last …. Good for the plants!

Second round (rare) plant SALE in Stanford

This Sunday 24 January second SALE but this time with a time slot. 2-2.5 hrs per customer/collector. First SALE last Sunday was very successful. Still hundreds of (some rare) plants on display.

In a few months time we move to another place. We can either take our collection with us (well, we take some for sure) or sell. We have chosen for the latter option.

Huge collection cacti and (African) succulent plants for sale. Ideal for landscaping. A.o.: Cycads (with permit), Aloes, Cyphostemmas, Azuro cacti, Boojum tree, Mammillarias. Adenias, Adeniums, Old Man’s Beard, Pachypodium (Geha, Lamerei), Agaves, Neobuxbaumia (cactus), Fero cacti, Astrophytum, Pine-apple trees, etc. All together  hundreds plants from small (also in pots) to 2m high.

This Sunday we will work with a time slot per collector/customer (2-2.5 hrs each) so booking is needed. We intend to give each and everyone full individual attention.

Email me (greenc -at- omail.co.za) for details and bookings. First booked = first in!!! (first bookings are already in)

Stanford is only 90 minutes easy driving from Cape Town. Take the N2 to Caledon. Turn right to Bredasdorp and follow this road for approx 20 km (in Caledon: do NOT take a turn towards Hermanus). Turn right to Stanford.

Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day coming up: Surprise you dearest with a laminated wooden seed box (SA-Made) with inlaid cotyledon.

Very limited edition. 3 Sizes: 19 x 6 x 4.5 cm  ( = l x w x h) Only one available with seeds of 5 different succulent plants. Square boxes (10 x 10 x 4 cm) Only 6 available with 5 seed packages. These first 2 models are R 275.00 each.
The large rectangle model (5 left) measures 20 x 11.5 x 3.5 cm and comes with 10 seed packages: R 395.00 each. Add per order R 65.00 for P+P. 

Seeds are tested on viability. Choice between seeds of African succulent plants and exotic (cacti, etc.) or a mix. Quite a few rare species. Be surprised!!!

Email me (greenc -at- omail.co.za) for orders.

The massive Veld Fire in Pearly Beach reflected in Stanford >40km away

Birkenhead Museum

In Franskraal.


Foggy home coming

In Kleinbaai.