Work on fire

Yesterday and (still) today there is a massive ‘veld’ fire between Stanford and Gansbaai. An old model Huey chopper proofed to be a real work horse this morning. And as usual: the best fire workers are the ones who look from a distance.


7 responses to “Work on fire”

  1. What great photos – hope there was not too much

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  2. […] fire between Gansbaai and Stanford is fully out of […]


  3. […] I published some snappy shots of the massive fire raging nearby. In the meantime I worked on 5 of these […]


  4. I hope nobody was hurt and God spare our fire fighters and animals thinking of every body

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    1. Thank you. Until so far nobody hurt but there are firefighters who had hardly any sleep in the past 48 hours. It’s an unpredictable runaway fire; partly moving underground and partly jumping from one spot to another 50 or 100 meters further… etc.


  5. Amazing pic as always Herman!

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