Roadtrip to Stanford

360 exposure

Dan & I recently took a road trip to Stanford! What a great adventurous & unforgettable weekend it was for me. I managed to tick off a lot of ‘firsts’ on my adventure list! With our kayaks packed in my ‘bakkie’ we headed to Stanford, with a deal that we needed to stop in at all the farm stalls en route. Not missing one! We managed to conquer that, although I must admit whilst I loved stopping in at each & every farm stall once you have done one you have done them all. However there were a few farm stalls that definitely stood out from the rest, either by offering interesting items for sale or general decor & design. First stop was the infamous Peregrine Farm Stall on the N2 near Grabouw ( beautifully designed and a wonderful atmosphere. We decided that this would make the perfect stop for…

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