Country Living in Napier; Great Village Life


At Wild Thyme (2 pictures)

Five of my photographs are currently on display at Wild Thyme in Napier, Western Cape, South Africa. The images (90 x 60 cm and framed) provide a good insight in the different processing techniques I use; from just ‘in camera settings’ (first picture) to the more graphical look (B&W-reduction) of the African Horsemen. The once-off prints are all for sale and there won’t be any reprints. Wild Thyme is located at Sarel Cilliers Street (main road) and is open from Wednesday to Saturday between 10 AM and 2 PM and on Friday night. The food is lovely.

klipdale2African horsemen framed

Weekend Greetings from Sue

Tomorrow (Saturday) on the market in Stanford.


Rural Stanford


The Recommendation

Herman van Bon Photography

South Africans (especially the ‘privileged’ part of the society) are used to complain about staff and contractors (builders, plumbers, etc.) who don’t do their work properly. We had our share of it and brings back in memory the hot water flush of the toilet, shower cabin installed upside down, etc., etc. It’s easy to complain and you can’t blame people who never got the opportunity for ‘privileged’ education because of lack of funds and who are even in the present ‘New South Africa’ continuously humiliated by the ‘better off’. But there are wonderful exceptions. We just experienced one.

Before our move to Napier a friend of us told us about a Denzel Siegelaar from Bredasdorp, a woodworker and a handyman. After trying to contact the local ‘master builder’ who never responded to his voicemail and another local builder who promised to quote for a few jobs but never came back…

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Chocolate coloured weekend greeting from the Overberg

“Not in my kitchen”

(at Robert Stanford Estate, Stanford)


The Klipdale Evening Magic


This morning in Napier (3 pictures)

‘Unpolished’ morning in Napier between 7:26 and 7:30 AM. Shot from the verandah.

14may16-726am 14may16-729am 14may16-730am1

Pond with gold fish Weekend Greetings from The Square in Bredasdorp