Flood rains expected

Looks like our roof gets its test today. Flood rains expected in our neck of the woods. Luckily we are uphill but many in the lower parts of Napier most probably need sand bags …

5 Minutes after the picture was shot it started ….



4 responses to “Flood rains expected”

  1. Wish we would get a little here…though definitely not flood level.

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    1. It’s (still) moving your way … But by the looks of it we will get it all. Roof is still not leaking. Down the road people have sandbags along their houses ….


      1. 😦 oh dear 😦 Yes we had some serious storms last evening. thankfully, no hail but many trees / limbs down 😦

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      2. Here we have new supply for next year’s fire wood as well. 😉

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