Secrets of Napier 1: Steamy Kevin

This is the first post in a series about ‘unknown’ people in the Overberg who work in silence. They all have a few things in common: many of them are virtually unknown in their own village and they all make a living out of the ordinary. If you know of anybody in your own village please send email to This first post is about Kevin Doveton in Napier.

steamykevin2Let’s say he is ‘Steamy Kevin’ for he builds miniature steam engines and sells them on a global scale as far as Northern Europe and the Americas. In collectors circles he got known via specific forums on the Internet. His ‘Model Steam & Hot Air Engines’ are recommended on these forums by buyers who brag about their perfection, refinement and durability.  New and used metals undergo in Kevin’s workshop a complete transformation. Numerous implements, precision tools and machines, including self build ones and up to 100 yrs old help Kevin to handcraft the materials and fit them together. Interested people (collectors etc.) can contact Kevin via email:

A photo-impression:


8 thoughts on “Secrets of Napier 1: Steamy Kevin


      I have been a great admirer of Kevin’s engines from the time he started making them here in Napier – so much so that I have, over the years, acquired some ten of them, from virtually his first model up to his most recent one. I have already booked an outboard engine, should he begin marketing them !

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