Secrets of Napier 3: Leon Visser

This is the third and last post in a series about ‘unknown’ people in Napier who work in silence. They all have a few things in common: many of them are virtually unknown in their own village and they all make a living out of the ordinary.  This  post is about chess set maker Leon Visser in Napier.

Behind the facade of a coffee and gift shop in Napier something remarkable is happening. Leon Visser, assisted by his wife Adri, manufactures chess boards and pieces in six different varieties plus a miniature set. He started his business in 1998 and it has evolved into a well run little enterprise with export around the globe. And still it remains a typical ‘mama-papa’ business; well organized with outsourcing (packing, etc.) to other small local businesses. The chess pieces are made of pewter which he shapes himself into rubber moulds.





4 responses to “Secrets of Napier 3: Leon Visser”

  1. Loved these posts, it is amazing how many artists live and surround us in our communities and you gave them a platform to make them known by all of us! Thank you for sharing this talented artists work with us. Hope you will continue to find and publish posts like such.

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    1. I keep on going Eva but for the next weeks I’m very busy; preparing two exhibitions in Wellington and George (both in the Western Cape, South Africa) plus I’m involved in the decoration of a house in Hermanus with 120×90 and 90x60cm framed prints of Overberg landscapes. 😀 😀 😀

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      1. Oh that sounds indeed that you’re extremely busy which is good. Wishing you a most successful exhibition and I know you will smash it and I know all those prints will make the house in Hermanus the most beautifully decorated in the town. I love all your landscapes as well so those owners will be proud owners of your art.

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