Weekend Greetings from ‘Schietpad’ (‘Shooting Path’)

Weekend Greetings from Sophies Mountain

Sport events at Napier Patatfees last weekend

55 Pictures (Shared copyright:  (C)2017 Herman van Bon Photography / Napier Southernmost Foundation)

Local Heroes

At the Napier Patatfees last weekend there were some local heroes participating in in 25+KM trial run which went from the Vierfontein farm up to Sophes Mountain and down to the festival area in the village. That was a climb almost 1 kilometer through a rough landscape.

And there were a few Napierians participating; two even without training!!!

No more words needed:

Weekend Greetings from Napier Patatfees

Some of the vistas the trail runners will experience this Sunday morning.

Weekend Greetings from the Overberg Alps

Weekend Greetings from off-the-beaten-track

We live in a small town through which the main road between Cape Town and the Southernmost tip of the African Continent runs. ‘Runs’, indeed for most tourists are racing in high speed mode from one ‘attraction’ to the other. It’s a pity to see people not experiencing the real beauty of a wonderful countryside. Sometimes we think; why not turn left of right into a gravel road and get lost … in a wonderful landscape with ever changing skies throughout the seasons. Yes; one can pick up some of that on the main road but it’s incomparable with the real thing. Our Swiss friends are visiting South Africa virtually every year and although they drive rural pace in the countryside they never got the idea to go into the deep … So we took them out one early morning. Yes, we also did the Southernmost Tip, for that was still on their list, but after the off the beaten track tour they had seen it there within a few minutes; the shipwreck nearby was far more interesting as was the illegal dumpsite of Cape Nature Conservation in a protected nature reservation (sad story), etc. etc. Oh … and we also went to Elim and in Arniston we had lunch in a place virtually all tourists/tour operators have yet to discover….

Pictures all taken 23 March 2017 between 5:30 AM and approx. 2:00 PM and they clearly show the ever changing skies and the effect it has on the photos.