Genadendal Mission Museum revisited

Last year we visited the Genadendal Mission Museum for the first time. Time was too short but earlier this week we went again with guests and took half a day for it and honestly; also that is too short. It’s one of the best living museums in South Africa; in 50 years time build up by Isaac Balie with the help of some others. The collection is astonishing and provides the visitors a good insight of how village life was in the old days of Genadendal. President Nelson Mandela visited the museum and I guess he got the same guided tour of Isaac Balie as we experienced. Daughter Judith gave us a brief introduction and there we went with Isaac; going from one surprise to the other. Exploring ‘secret’ corners such as the pharmacy, the collection of old photo cameras including a ‘camera obscura’, the watermill, the organ collection including the oldest pipe organ of South Africa, etc. etc. Here are about 40 pictures that give you an impression but better is to visit…

BTW (for the tourists from abroad) No water shortage in the Overberg …


4 responses to “Genadendal Mission Museum revisited”

  1. Als ik in de buurt ben ga ik kijken. Overigens – de foto met de blikken en dozen. Union, dat zullen geen fietsen geweest zijn (?)

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    1. Dacht het niet. Zal de volgende keer eens beter kijken. Je kunt in ieder geval wel fietsen in Genadendal šŸ˜‰

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  2. […] via Genadendal Mission Museum revisited ā€” Life in the Overberg […]

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    1. Keep sharing the good ‘stuff’ Frieda šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ ā¤

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