In Elim







Elim is especially known as one of the few towns in the Western Cape where the Moravian church rules about the wellbeing of its ‘sheep’. And yes; there is also some nasty politics involved. But that set aside the town is worthwhile a visit with amongst others the oldest Slave Monument in South Africa (another slave monument is in Pniel between Franschhoek and Stellenbosch.







The Moravian church is in the centre of it all. I was able to obtain the key for a shoot inside.


There are two graveyards (cemetries); one nearby the church and one between the trees at the other side of town. Interesting are the gate signs at both locations; when you go in (freely translated) ‘Sown in weakness’ and when you go out ‘Conceived in power’



3 responses to “In Elim”

  1. Goed verhaal en prachtige foto’s Herman. Die droge aarde, het landschap, dat koloniale kerkje. En die spreuken – dat eigenaardige afstandelijke ‘het’. Heel interessant.

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    1. 😀 😀 ❤ Normaliter hou ik het kort; moeten de fotos voor zichzelf spreken. Dit is een van die uitzonderingen

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      1. Francisca Helena Wyngaard Avatar
        Francisca Helena Wyngaard

        Exceptional!💁Splendid Photography,as always🙌🙏👍👏👌👌Elim is simply Picturesque…Scenic…oh so Serene,,,Amazing Tranquility🙌🙏Hope to see you soon in Elim. ..🎉

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