The Book Collector’s meeting point

Greta’s Bookshop in Napier is open again: Today from 10 to 3 and from next week every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 to 3. The bookshop is the meeting point of many collectors.

All handmade — Yvonne de Wit – Jewellery Design & Art

From melting the Sterling Silver pellets and flattering/shaping the bars to the making of my designer jewellery is all manual work. Except for the use of a drill, a soldering iron and a polish machine my jewellery is created under my hands. No laser cuttings or production punching just working with hand tools. Most of […]

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Lockdown Tour in Napier

Napier is one of those small towns in South Africa one has to explore to find the hidden secrets. Except for some excellent eateries; stunning vistas in and around the village plus a few of the best wineries of South Africa (Yes: it’s true!!!) there are amongst others a craftsman who makes miniature working steam engines; a toy museum, a chess board maker; a military museum; potteries; a toy museum (the 92 yrs old owner still makes them) and a gallery. Some of these are only open ‘by appointment’ but if you ring the bell you can be sure of great hospitality. Oh … and there is amongst others also the largest sundial of South Africa and a ‘Voortrekkers Monument’ (ox wagon)….

A photo impression.

The story behind the ox wagon — Herman van Bon Photography

Driving through our village many tourists photograph the ox wagon but do they know the story behind …???… In 1988 Afrikaners were commemorating the ‘Great Trek’ of a few centuries ago when farmers of the ‘Cape’ (Cape Town and surrounds) took their household in ox wagons and went over the St Lowry’s Pass to a […]

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How to distinguish a good wine — Herman van Bon Photography

Some 30 years ago an old French winemaker with a vineyard along the Rhone told me how to distinguish a good wine. “First rinse your mouth thoroughly” he said. “Next you go with the bottle in the open air and sniff the air. Then you open the bottle and if you smell the wine it’s […]

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