Greyton Art Walk

Welcome to the Greyton Art Walk for 2022

Friday 2nd Dec 13h00-17h00

Saturday 3rd Dec 09h00-17h00

Sunday 4th Dec 09h00-14h00

This will be the sixth year that we host the Art Walk in Greyton.

Artists from Greyton, the Western Cape and South Africa are invited to exhibit their work in their Greyton home galleries, Art Galleries or in one of our two art centres.

Photographer Herman van Bon and jewellery designer Yvonne de Wit of Studio98 in Napier will exhibit their work at their usual stalls (6th year in a row) in the DR-Church Hall.

It is recommended that visitors to the Art Walk purchase the art walk Explorer Book, with a map, to walk to all the different home exhibitions, galleries and the art centres. The Art Walk will enable them to take a peek into the artist’s process and to browse their stunning artworks for sale.

It’s a great opportunity for artists to showcase and sell their work and an unforgettable weekend of art and fun for the visitors.

The is ample parking around the village to access the different venue’s. The walk is flat and easy. There will be credit card facilities at the venue’s. All the local restaurants along the Art Walk route will all be open.

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