Photo-Graphic portrait of Moohnie.

A ‘Photo-Graphic’ is basically a photo (or photo-collage) with added textures and digital in-painting/drawing. Exactly like that and without the use of special photo software that does it all for you.

Creating a ‘Photo-Graphic’ my way is very time consuming; sometimes it takes days before I’m satisfied and a few days afterwards I’m sometimes not so satisfied.

‘Moohnie’ took two months ….

Until 30 December there is the art event Creative Napier in Napier, South Africa.

17 artists from the village present their work in their home studios and in venues in the village. My work can be seen at Studio98 along the main road.

The first two days of this event was an enormous success with good sales.

#creativenapier #hermanvanbon #photographicart.


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