No petrol in Elim

Equestrian Portraiture in Napier, South Africa.

Good Morning

Back to nature

What a wonderful Overberg Sunrise this morning

Misty Autumn Morning



Afrikander Greetings from the Overberg

The Afrikander, also known as the Africander, is a breed of taurine-indicine (“Sanga”) cattle indigenous to South Africa.

Huge herds of Sanga type cattle were herded by the Khoikhoi (indigenous people of Southern Africa) 

Afrikanders share co-ancestry with the Nguni and Drakenberger breeds. They most likely diverged 655–960 years ago. Anecdotal evidence from Portuguese sailors suggest that herds of Afrikaner-like cattle had been kept by the Khoikhoi since at least the 15th Century.

Mother’s Day in the Overberg

Mother will always remember Mother’s Day 2022

All jewellery is designed and handmade by ME!!!

Small series and unique pieces.

Available at Studio98 in Napier. (98 Sarel Cilliers Street)

OPEN this Sunday at MOTHER’S DAY!!!