Weekend Greetings from The Overberg

(Retrospective 2019)

Weekend Greetings from Botrivier

The latest addition to the ‘Single Pieces’ collection of Yvonne de Wit: ‘MOON-SCRAPER”.

This weekend on show at the Favourite Things Market at Gabrielskloof in Botrivier.

Made of Sterling Silver and naturally bonded earth from the Kalahari and Tankwa Karoo. All treasures of the South African Earth.

Model: Lucen Lucia (YES: Napier has got talent!!!)

Weekend Greetings from South Africa’s own Bot Riviera

Weekend Greetings from the Shunting Shed

… in Botrivier.

On the road between Botrivier and Caledon

Wildlife Weekend Greetings from The Overberg

Botrivier Festive Season Weekend Greetings