And now Capetonians also know where their Woolworth veggies are coming from

With some delay: Weekend Greetings from the Awakening African Potato


A Garden

Not much money or not at all but still a beautiful garden.


Start an Elemental Organic Veggie garden – Workshop in Stanford



I have been asked by “Your Local Food Heroes”  to present a  vegetable and herb workshop  in Stanford on 16  November.

The workshop will be intensely practical and fun, teaching you how to start and grow your own vegetable garden covering soil preparation, composting, planning your garden, companion planting, seeds and seedlings.

Booking is essential as space is limited. Cath Croxton from Your Local Food Heroes can be emailed at for details and bookings

your local food heroes

Come along and learn how to put fresh, pesticide free food on your table all year round.


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Bee Weekend Greetings from you know where from


Natural Fencing

Many privileged South Africans live very secluded behind big walls and steel bars. In our village there is no more crime than in similar villages where-ever in the world and the fencing looks more friendly. Occasionally even eco-friendly as this fence of woven myrtle wood. The owner recently erected this fence to keep his dog inside and he planted some creepers that have to cover the wood in due time.