Good Morning in the Overberg

And them some people thin that the best South African wine originate in Stellenbosch ….


The spin-off of the art event ‘Creative Napier’ last month keeps Studio98 resident, jewellery designer Yvonne de Wit, busy, at least to the end of this month.

Numerous bracelets, and necklaces, etc. All for customers from Napier and surrounds plus an order from France.]
Photo: Rings of South African Sterling Silver and brass with natural bonded pigmented earth minerals which she adds layer after layer; a process that, including drying, takes about 14 days.

Come and have a look at her collection at Studio98 (98 Sarel Cilliers Street) in Napier. Until end of next week daily open.

African Feet — Studio 98

‘African Feet’ was for the first time presented at the UNESCO exhibition ‘The Invisible Visible’ in 2017/18 in Oslo Norway. Studio98 resident Herman van Bon was, together with 127 other photographers from around the globe, selected to participate in this exhibition. Except for ‘African Feet’ two of his other works were shown; ‘Shopping in Hopland’ […]

African Feet — Studio 98

Herman van Bon lives with his wife jewellery designer Yvonne de Wit in Napier, South Africa. Both present their work there in Studio98 along the main road.

Arniston rocks


Important Announcement

Daily open during this Festive Season.
Unique Jewellery Designs by Yvonne de Wit.

Paintings by Marina Blight (guest artist).

Photography by Herman van Bon.

Synergy on an Overberg farm

(Sacred Ibis with cow)

A bit of the Overberg in 2021

Until tomorrow 5 PM

The last two days of the very successful art event Creative Napier ….

Some of Yvonne de Wit’s figurines on display at Studio98.

These are all her own design and purely handmade of South African Sterling Silver combined with natural bonded earth minerals/pigments. And what’s more? These are all unique single pieces so you won’t see your neighbour with the same necklace…

Studio98 is at 98 Sarel Cilliers Street in Napier, South Africa.

Studio98 is home of Jewellery Designer Yvonne de Wit and photographer Herman van Bon.

What a wonderful end of the first day of Creative Napier

The first day of the art event Creative Napier in Napier, South Africa had a wonderful ending. Not only exceptional good sales by the artists but also a magnificent sunset.

Creative Napier (follow the hashtag #creativenapier on social media): 15 artists presenting their work in 10 different location in the village. Open 27-30 December, daily between 9AM and 5PM.


Sky Ballet of a Cape Sugarbird.

In bird photography nothing is more challenging than picturing close-ups of erratic flying small birds.
(Hopefully the prints are ready before the art event Creative Napier 27-30 December)