Weekend Greetings from Cape Agulhas



Weekend Greetings from Van Brakel

(Landmark and meeting point at the cross between Caledon, Napier, Stanford and Riviersonderend in the Western Cape, South Africa)

Windy Weekend Greetings from Caledon


On the road to Caledon

Weekend Greetings from the Overberg Farmers

Steamy Kevin 2

Last year we posted about Kevin Doveton. ‘Steamy Kevin’, as we call him, engineers and build working miniature steam engines. For that his workshop is full with precision tools; some developed and build from scratch by himself.

Recently he build a prototype of a working miniature steam outboard engine. The idea is that the final concept is build into a small boat.

Kevin, living in Napier, sells his engines to collectors on a global scale.

Weekend Greetings from the farm

Virtually all cattle farming in the Overberg is free range with plenty of bird- and other wildlife.