The Kelp Collectors

At ‘The Great White Restaurant’ in Kleinbaai the Chef knows how to utilise kelp in the dishes.

Weekend Greetings from the Winemakers

It’s not in the known wine guide books but in Napier there are a bunch of people creating world class wines of grapes growing in Klein Karoo and Napier terroirs. Production of around 8000 bottles per year distributed on a global scale to collectors.

Greta’s P(a)lace

Greta’s Place in Napier is the hotspot where collectors from far and wide browse. Around this time of the year many customers from ‘Up North’ make their annual Festive Season journey ‘Down South’. Greta is a 70+ yr old collector who loves books and ‘beautiful junk’. She knows her books of which many are first editions and quite a few real collectors items. Wonder around between the shelves with books, tables and more shelves with figurines and other curiosities. Her customers always find something. And if need be; there is always Palazzo Pipi….