Weekend greetings from the winged

(Pity that we never see the local birdwatchers early in the morning where all the birds are …. instead -average once per month- we see them in the ‘bird watchers lodge’ along Die Vlei; situated on a spot where there are hardly any winged friends on display. These are just around the corner …)


Duck Greetings from ‘Die Vlei’

Our dog loves to watch ducks and luckily we live nearby ‘Die Vlei’ where plenty of them and other winged animals live. During the weekend of October 6 there is the traditional annual bird fair in Stanford and this year the organizers try to get everything out of it. The local municipality is even constructing a bird watchers jetty in ‘Die Vlei’. Besides the bird related festivities there are many other events planned for that weekend including those for children and food and wine lovers.

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