Weekend Greetings from the Overberg Dogs

YouTube Stanford Part 2

This morning we compiled a slideshow of recently made pictures in Stanford. Most of these are not published in this blog. We added them to our YouTube channel. It’s a low resolution presentation of the village with its nightlife (not much), some of its buildings, dogs and candid portraits of some villagers in the local coffee corner at Morton Street. See for yourself and enjoy!


Early birds and the neighborhood watch dog

Early this Sunday morning it seems that the whole village is asleep but birds and dogs are watching…

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Left or Right; either way is Right

When we go out with the dogs we can choose between right and left once outside the gate. Either way is right. It’s not even a political issue; it’s living the good life.

A Village Walk with the Dogs

Rits and Roets (brother and sister) are 11 yrs old and taking the whole ‘Wandelpad’ (hiking trail) around is nowadays a bit too much but we did half and they’ll be quiet for the next few hours…. But they truly love their Doggy Walk.

And this is what, amongst others, they saw on their way along and through Stanford: