Weekend Greetings from the Overberg Fire Fighters

Post Fire

A few weeks ago the South Western part of the Overberg was troubled by run away fires. Tens of thousands hectares were affected but the fire fighters managed to save all houses and agricultural land. They (mainly volunteers) did a great job.

Both main pictures were shot last week in the Elgin Valley. The gallery pictures were made at one of the fires near Stanford.



Weekend Greetings for the Fire Fighters …

… who at last succeeded in mastering a runaway fire between Stanford and Gansbaai that affected a surface equal to that of Cape Town city bowl plus Table Mountain.


Work on fire

Yesterday and (still) today there is a massive ‘veld’ fire between Stanford and Gansbaai. An old model Huey chopper proofed to be a real work horse this morning. And as usual: the best fire workers are the ones who look from a distance.

Ode to the Stanford fire fighters

Fire fighters (many volunteers) have been making overtime during the last few months. Yesterday there was the third fire in such a short period that the local fire-brigade added with a helicopter had to give an ‘Act de Presence’. Luckily the wind was favorable for it blew the blaze in the direction of the ocean. Despite this condition a few farms had damage and thanks to the fire-fighters and farm workers the damage was limited.