The Kelp Collectors

At ‘The Great White Restaurant’ in Kleinbaai the Chef knows how to utilise kelp in the dishes.

Weekend Greetings from My Skat

Every Saturday a bric-a-brac, plants (herbs) and food market at My Skat in Napier (from 9 AM to about 12). Although there is a new Saturday market more or less across the street (they co-operate well together!) this My Skat (=’my darling’) still attracts people from near and far.

A photo-impression (snapshots) of last Saturday.

At the Wokini Market

The ‘closing event’ of the Napier Patatfees (Napier Sweet Potato Festival) was the art-, craft- and food market at Wokini; a few kilometers out of Napier.

A visual impression:

Stanford Harvest(s) at Sunset Market

Stanford Harvest is one of those unique establishments that combines (home produced) food with art and in the future also with mead pre-processed by a few million bees of their own bee hives. The premises, on the outskirts of the village, opened a few months ago. And word spreads. Promotion by word-of-mouth is the best some people say. And going to the people is also very important. And so Athol and Vivienne could be found on the Sunset Market yesterday which is organised on the Village Green every last Friday of the month between 6 and 8 PM. All fish cakes, bobotie portions and sweet corns (which were freshly harvest and prepared just before the market started) SOLD!!! Not a bad start for a ‘beginner’.

Yes; we do like our wines

Stanford is within South Africa an insignificant role player in the wine industry but abroad the wines can virtually only be found in upmarket restaurants and specialized liquor stores/wine-boutiques.

That has a reason; don’t you think?

Yes, we don’t only like our wines; we love them!!!


Duck Greetings from ‘Die Vlei’

Our dog loves to watch ducks and luckily we live nearby ‘Die Vlei’ where plenty of them and other winged animals live. During the weekend of October 6 there is the traditional annual bird fair in Stanford and this year the organizers try to get everything out of it. The local municipality is even constructing a bird watchers jetty in ‘Die Vlei’. Besides the bird related festivities there are many other events planned for that weekend including those for children and food and wine lovers.

_DSC8893 _DSC8895 _DSC8897_DSC8889

The Green Innovator’s Dream House, his Workshop, his latest project and his dog

One does not expect much diversity in a small village like Stanford but even after over one-and-a-half year we are surprised with a new discovery every now and than. Just outside the village is The Blue Moon; a small community of people who think and do things different. One of these is Anton Boshoff and except for the ‘green’ dressing he is GREEN! In the past years Anton has been experimenting with all things ‘GREEN’; from food, cob building (and other eco-building methods), solar heating, etc. etc. Saving energy is high on his priority list nowadays and many of his innovations are already, on s small scale, applied in local communities (so called ‘townships’) in South Africa. His latest innovation is that of a warm water heater that only needs 3 kilogram of eucalyptus wood to heat 150 liter (boiler size) water. The heater is simply to make for a skilled metal worker and it will save the user a lot of expensive electricity. Anton will test the first prototype in his own house which is already ‘stuffed’ with other innovations (all made of recycled material) such as a bread steamer, pizza oven, hot air heater and so on.

Scattered around on his premises are hundreds of discarded items waiting to be re-used in another object. Nothing is wasted; sooner or later it will all have a new function. Anton shows us ceramic pots that are used for fermenting cabbage (‘sauerkraut’). Not every ceramic is suitable for this procedure he discovered with trial and error but the posts he has (see picture somewhere below) are but he is looking for more suitable ceramic for their seems to be a growing market for his ‘Sauerkraut’. Anyone from Germany who knows a manufactory of original “Kölner Pots”???

_DSC4878_DSC4876 _DSC4862_DSC4853_DSC4842_DSC4854_DSC4845_DSC4848_DSC4852_DSC4856_DSC4855_DSC4887_DSC4884

This is going to be Big Time here in Stanford

Springfontein Winery is currently undergoing mayor changes culminating in the opening of the new restaurant (with European stars) Springfontein Eats towards the end of this year.

But first of all there is the new winemaker/general manager. We are pretty sure that Tariro will add a new dimension to the Springfontein wines. He is refreshing, has vision, doesn’t talk crab; with other words: he knows wine!

And above all: he is a truly nice guy!!!

Festive Season

The Festive Season has a great start in Stanford. Yesterday the opening of the new deli and tasting room at Stanford Hills and Prego and the Beer in the courtyard of the Stanford Hotel (thanks for great hospitality Penny & Co). Today there was a craft market and a horse show (photos) on the Village Green and later THE social event for the villagers: ‘Picnic on the Lawn’ along the river. And in between the fresh market and great coffees and foodies here and there.

You gotta love this village!!!
_DSC2279web _DSC2282web

GRAZE revitalised

When Catch and Gero decided to stop their sidebusiness because their clothing business (core activity) went booming it was a great loss for Stanford, South Africa, and its visitors. And for us as well for GRAZE was THE Place to have our Saturday morning coffee. Patience is rewarded; after several months of non-GRAZE we were delighted to hear that our friends Tabby and Alex opened the business again this weekend. They stick to the old opening times; Friday evening (dinners) and Saturday for breakfast and lunch. Tabby(original a Chef in the UK and Cape Town) and Alex also cater for functions and other special occasions. The cappuccino this morning was delicious!